Mind the Art


It’s been over a year since I posted thoughts, ideas, or press in this particular digital storefront window.

I haven’t been creatively dry during that time – more like adrift, periodically bobbing into project shores, and then floating back out to sea.

stormyseasI blame a heavy storm of negativity for my limited activity. Negative thoughts, people, and actions on a global scale.

It’s hard to create joy and laughter when you see an almost endless stream of tears around the world. And for me, constantly using ANGER and OUTRAGE as inspirational fuel is much like powering a family camper with nitro, or playing handball with C4.

So I step back a bit, float, contemplate, or … sometimes for too long … close the shutters.

Not productive. Not self-sustaining. Not the way I wish to meet each day.

So, I’m back.

True I will not post on a daily basis because – as I said in a post some time ago – I enjoy the doing of things. And when you’re busy participating in life, you don’t always have time to comment on same.

Still, I’ll do my best.

Jeremy BritThe late actor, Jeremy Britt once told me that at certain times in his life he’d “felt like an empty vessel.” And in order to both portray a certain role, and to just live, he had to “fill it up” with elements of life.

I believe that may be true for all of us. Certainly it is for me.

To create art, one must live life. So as I am fond of saying to friends, family, and students … go forth and be brilliant.

About SimmonsHereAndNow

Alex Simmons is an award-winning freelance writer, comic book creator, playwright, teaching artist, and educational consultant. He’s written for Disney Books, Penguin Press, Simon and Schuster, DC Comics, and Archie Comics. Simmons is the creator of the acclaimed adventure comic book series, Blackjack. As a teaching artist Simmons has created and taught creative arts workshops for students and educators in the US, Europe, West Indies, and Africa. Simmons has served on panels, and delivered lectures on children’s entertainment mediums, as well as empowering young people through the arts. Simmons founded the annual family event, Kids Comic Con, as well as three comic arts exhibits, which have traveled abroad. He is currently developing a comics and creative arts program for children all over the world. For over 30 years, Simmons has been a member of arts and education boards for the New York State Alliance for Arts Education, the Department for Cultural Affairs, and is on the State Department Speakers Program. As a teaching artist Simmons has been paid to have fun working with youth through the Apollo Theater In-School Arts Program, Henkel McCoy, Upward Bound, New York Council on the Arts, Children’s Art Carnival, Wings Academy, and NYU Creative Arts Team, to name a few. He has been a panelist at many literacy and arts events, and he has been a guest speaker at numerous colleges and educational institutions here and abroad.
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1 Response to Mind the Art

  1. Suzanne says:

    I’m sorry for all of your recent suffering, but I’m glad you’ve decided to share with all of us your thoughts/words. I love reading your writing/your word choice. We’ve known each other for some time now, but I don’t think I’ve had the opportunity to read your writing outside of comic books. I also like that I get to visit with you through your posts – we don’t seem to get to do that often enough. I look forward to reading more 🙂

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