Tell The Damn Story #133: In Creating Characters It’s Hard To Get Better Than Olmos

Today, Alex and Chris turn to veteran actor Edward James Olmos for wisdom and guidance when it comes to contributing to story. At least they do in the second half of this episode.

In Part One, they talk about what is going on and how they are dealing it all.  They also suggest how others may deal, and Chris goes on a mini rant rejecting the term “new normal” for our current challenges.

In Part Two, our duo uses the Olmos wisdom to discuss the importance of choices, from character and performance, to costuming and setting to help Tell The Damn Story.  Olmos’ experiences lead to discussions of their own choices in Loeser productions (LOL) and offer insight into how all of this applies to the creative process.

It’s a fun and informative episode from our heroes. Well, Maybe they’re just each other’s heroes.

Click here to hear.

*Here’s a link to the first of the three Edward James Olmos interview clips.

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